First, before we mention any specific project or even any type of project, let's talk about sustainability.  No matter if it is a home or school, a commercial parking lot, or a neighborhood park - sustainability for the future and protection of the environment right now are cornerstones of our design.  The Greening of America is not a passing fad or a trend in municipal ordinances.  New, cutting edge technologies are available for design that make our impacts smaller than ever.  We are members of the US Green Building Council, the American Society of Civil Engineers and we are LEED-accredited professionals. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation assures you are dealing with experts that will assist you in navigating low‑impact development.

Where We Live
Our deepest experience is Residential & Neighborhood development.  We have made continuous effort to keep with the trends in homes, the needs of changing families, and emerging new housing niches.

Homeowners of elegant estates have different needs than cottage homeowners.  Builders, Land Developers and Families building thier dream homes all have different focus areas when choosing an engineer and development team.  Everyone agrees that getting the most value for every dollar spent and finishing on time are goals for every project.
Where We Work
Russell Davis & Associates has a wide variety of completed projects and designs from all aspects of commercial, institutional, and government types.  We support architects and landscape architects as team members for full civil, Stormwater Management, Erosion Sediment & Pollution Control Plans, Utility Plans and Traffic Calming.  We also design on-site sewer managment or regional pump station configuration.
Where We Play
Parks and Trails has to be one of the most rewarding areas in which to practice.  Safe and comfortable places for children and adults to have fun and relax are just as challenging to create as any other segment of civil engineering design.  It is always important to remember that not everyone spends their time away from home and work the same.  Whether it is organized sports or passive recreation trails, each user deserves to have the best experience that is possible.  Environmental concerns and education opportunities are often tied together to create learning and volunteer opportunities for users as well.