What is the highest and best use for my property?  Will I need to Rezone or obtain a Variance?  Is there sewer or water available?  Building an Environment is not easy.  For homeowners and professionals alike, there are many questions that need answering before they dive into a new project.  We have experience in a wide range of design - from Residential Neighborhoods, Parks & Trails to Municipal and Commercial planning.  
Russell  Davis & Associates  is  committed to the best civil engineering design and the highest return on value  for our services. Through sustainable engineering and design principles, your project’s performance will exceed your expectations.

Construction Documents & Permitting

Careful, thoughtful design will improve your project's viability, as well as your bottom line.  We "value engineer" our Lower-Impact Solutions from the beginning because a good design must also be efficient.  Protecting the Environment is the intent of our initial plan, not attempted as an afterthought.  We are committed to solid designs that stand the test of time. 

Completing the Planning and Design of a project is just the beginning. Making sure that the project can get approved in a reasonable amount of time and without the burden of unnecessary improvements is our specialty. We take great care to make sure our Clients understand the scope of necessary permitting and the time it will take before embarking on the project. Please take a moment to look at an article on this very subject written by Russell Davis in the December 2004 issue of Atlanta Building News.
Construction Administration & Erosion Control

Projects that are actively under construction must be given top priority.  When equipment is idling because of a design question or concern - time is money.  We try to keep ahead of clients needs by filing necessary NPDES Notices of Intent and Termination and keeping the required paperwork in order.  Periodic inspections can inform clients of any erosion and sediment control violations so they may be corrected before they turn into real environmental and economic concerns.